Learn the exact formula I've followed to create, market and sell over $600,000 of my own products in less than 2 years -- with no experience.



How an ex-architect with no experience created and sold over $600,000 of product in less than two years.

What if there was a proven formula you could follow to create and launch your product?

What if you didn't have to use your own money to create it?

What if you had customers already lined up to buy before you even released it?

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to have money to make money. I was earning less than $40K (pre-tax) in New York City (expensive), and I started my first business with less than $500.

And that was when I didn't know what I was doing...

lm-andrew-warner"Cathryn's work is a whirlwind of strategic activity that leads to some of the most elegantly-polished products I've ever seen."
Andrew Warner, Mixergy

My name is Cathryn Lavery, and I love creating and launching products.

Physical products, digital products and everything in between.

Since starting that first product business with less than $500, I've had my products featured on websites such as Fast Company, MTV, Gizmodo and other popular blogs. I've also had articles published on Inc, Time and The Huffington post.

Avoid my expensive mistakes. Learn what works!

I had no idea what I was doing at the beginning and my inexperience cost me in both time and money.

Ouch. It's still painful to look back at.

That's why I want to open my playbook to help you get from zero to launch, without wasting time or money.

Here's what you DON'T need...

You don't need an MBA

You don't need a degree in product design.

You don't need "connections".

"Cathryn is a baller designer. She's also one of the smartest marketers I know."
Bryan Harris, Founder of Videofruit

A $322,696 pre-launch product playbook

On 19th August 2015 we launched a Kickstarter campaign for a brand new product and got funded to $15,000 in less than 28 hours.

Then we went on to do $322,696 in 34 days on Kickstarter.

Since then we have gotten over $50,000 in pre-orders.

Curious how we did it?

Well the first step is working out which crowdfunding platform is right for your project.

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