A couple of months ago my fiancée Emily told me she needed to get up at 6am to pick up some free plants from Facebook marketplace.

Free plants? Awesome.

Her getting up at 6am? I was suspicious…

Why? Well if you know Emily she hates getting up early, as in audibly expressing agonizing pain if she’s woken up before 7:30 am on weekdays or 11am on weekends... 

Next thing I find out is that these plants are 45 mins away which means a 90-minute round trip. 

Add to that, she will need to dig these plants out of the ground.

The real cost of “free” plants is 

  • 2 hours less sleep
  • 90-minute drive + gas mileage
  • 30 mins digging these plants out of the ground

Suddenly these “free” plants are feeling expensive.

It’s not her fault though as the cost of “free” has been scientifically proven to make us irrationally excited, to the point where the rest of our brain shuts down any further decision making.

There’s a cost to every action or decision we make (or don’t make) in life. In this video, I wanted to dive into why you shouldn't fall for "Free" plants and how the lens we filter decisions through can (and should) change throughout our life as circumstances change.

Watch the full video to learn more!

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