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Cathryn Lavery, CEO & Co-Founder, takes the stage to show creators and business owners how to systematically craft a product and customer experience that creates impact, story and loyalty.

Based on her own real-life experiences that include crowdfunding campaigns over a quarter million dollars, and winning Shopify’s grueling build-a-business competition 2 years running, Cathryn speaks about how you can craft this experience for your own products and services in 3 steps.

I am extremely protective of who I allow on my stage and on my platform, but I was thrilled when Cathryn Lavery agreed to speak on my stage.

Cathryn is quickly becoming a go-to speaker on the topics of launching startups, product experience, and building brands that last. When I hosted my last event, I knew that the entrepreneurs in my audience needed to hear from someone who had started from nothing and built an eight-figure company.

There was no one better suited to share their expertise than Cathryn Lavery. Not only did she serve my audience, but she went above and beyond with her content, presence, and poise. She continually impresses me both on and off stage, and I am proud to feature her at my events and on my podcast.

Ryan Daniel Moran, founder of

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Customer Experience vs. Products: How To Stand Out In A Crowded eCommerce Marketplace

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From Kickstarter to Shopify Royalty: How A Tiny Brand Went Global Scaling From $0 to 8 Figures In 2 Years

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How To Crowdfund An 8 Figure Global Brand With $0 In Capital Investment

Topics I can speak on

Successfully crowdfunding your ideas
Crafting a Product Experience
Creating a Culture that Retains Talent

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