Hi, I’m Cat.

Headshots-cathryn_4I’m a designer, entrepreneur, and writer. I focus on the intersection of design and entrepreneurship, through the LittleMight blog I hope to inspire the disbelievers, the business misfits and the starving artists that you can be more than one thing in this life.

Here’s what I’ve done over the last few years:

  • I co-founded BestSelf Co in 2015 with Allen Brouwer, a company aimed at helping people to become the best version of themselves. We launched on Kickstarter and raised over $322,000.
  • I worked as a business coach at The Foundation, an entrepreneurship program after successfully completing it in 2014.
  • I founded (and shut down) a SaaS app, Clinic Hero, a referral tool for medical specialists. The app was bootstrapped through presales.
  • In 2011, I moved from Ireland to New York City to start working as an architect. I started Calm The Ham, my first business in 2012 and quit Architecture for good in 2013.
  • I have a Bachelors, Diploma and Masters of Architecture from the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow, Scotland.

These days I consider life a fun experiment, using design and business as my vehicle to live a life I’m excited by. Show up as you are, begin before you’re ready, and the rest will fall into place.

Aside from work, I love reading, movies, writing, coffee and dogs.

I love meeting and talking to people who are doing interesting things. Definitely, email me if you’re working on something you’re passionate about, have a love for self-improvement, and there’s a way I can help.

You can also follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

  • Cat

P.S. I live in New York City, so if you’re here or visiting, hit me up!