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You Can't Go Wrong With These Productivity Tips

Some days, I check everything off my to-do list. Other days, I spend too much time watching Netflix. Productivity is an ever elusive concept to me. I often feel guilty for not doing more, but I know I have to give myself time to find and master the techniques that work for me.

How having a full calendar could make you *less* stressed

You’ve started a home meditation practice, shelled out for a silk pillowcase (or four), and even tried infusing your H20 with lavender for an extra splash of Zen. But no matter how many stress-fighting tools you add to your belt, there’s always room for one more.  And there’s a scientific reason why “chilling the eff out” should be a top priority.

Tim Ferriss Explains How to Scale Your Business in 3 Steps

This year, BestSelf.Co was among the winners of Shopify's first Build a BIGGER Business competition. Singled-out for our innovative marketing of the SELF Journal (our flagship product and bestselling success tool), our prize included a week of mentoring with a few big names on Tony Robbins' Fiji hideaway.
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