Hi I'm Cathryn 👋🏻

I’ve created, launched & sold over $45 Million in Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Products. LittleMight is my little corner of the internet where I share ideas, tools & strategies to help you build a life of health, wealth and personal fulfillment.

A Brief History of Cathryn Lavery (that's me!)

• 2022: BestSelf was acquired.

• 2020: Bought out my business partner and became 100% owner

• 2019: Placed #318 on the Inc 500.

• 2018: I left NYC after 7 years and moved to Austin, TX

• 2017: Grew revenue 3.7x in 2019 and won the Shopify Build a BIGGER Business in partnership with Tony Robbins.

• 2016: Launched BestSelf.co on Shopify. Grew from 0 to 2m in sales in 9 months. Won the Shopify Build-a-Business competition.

• 2015: Launch Self Journal on Kickstarter and raised $322,696 in 34 days.

2013: Quit the Architecture industry

• 2012: Launched first Shopify Store on side of my job.

• 2011: Graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a Masters in Architecture. Moved to NYC to start my Architecture career.