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2024 goals

How to achieve your 2024 goals through effective habit tracking. I've been using this strategy to break down ambitious goals for years.
2024 goals
prompt: "a simple illustration of the 2024 year. looking out the window towards ambitious goals."

A follow on from my 2023 review here are my plans for the year.

When I decide on my goals I break them down to the inputs I need to be doing to get there. I use a simple google sheet for tracking. You can get a copy of mine here.


📹 Finish loft video studio

Since I got rid of my office a year ago I haven't had a space to film that doesn't require setup – which means I didn't do any longform YouTube videos.

In December 2023 I decided I wanted to take an unused loft space and turn it into video studio / reading nook. I'm a believer of removing friction around things I want to do so I will do them more.

Here's how it's gone so far:

I'll be finishing this project in the next 10 days and sharing the whole process. Make sure you're on the newsletter to get the breakdown of how we did it 👇🏻

💻 Build an app [of something I want to exist]

I mentioned in my 2023 review that I had gotten shiny object syndrome / ADHD overdrive with coding. I'm going to stop doing the half measure in different languages and just build something I want to exist.

It doesn't need to be a new business. It just needs to solve a problem for me.

I realize one of the obstacles I was hitting was just setting up different coding environments and hitting snags on the way. It caused me to get frustrated and quit. I signed up for a paid Replit account after completing their 100 days of code course (recommend, it's free!) as it removes that environment problem entirely 🥳

💪🏻 Get to 24% body fat

To do this from where I am now means losing 4.5lbs of fat and gaining 4 lbs of muscle. I did a DEXA scan this week and will do another in 3 months.

  • Strength training 3x per week (M,W,F, S) — 156X
  • Walking 10k steps /per day
  • 115 grams of protein /per day
  • Drinking 100+ ounces of water /per day
  • Weight myself daily (I use this smart scale)

📇 Build my Personal Brand

I'm going to be taking my newsletter and blog (you're here!) more seriously. I made the move from wordpress to Ghost and I love it. I've already drafted more articles this year than in 2023 because it's so much more enjoyable to use 😮

• Publish 2-3 articles per month on this blog — 28X (per year)
• 1 longform video per month on YouTube — 12X (per year)
• Send 2 newsletters per month consistently — 24X (per year)
• Grow Twitter audience to 25k (current: 11.2k)

⚡️ Daily optimizations

Do something small everyday that improves my quality of life. Either by making something easier, better, reducing bandwidth or saving me time/effort. This might look like decluttering, clearing a closet, organizing a drawer, learning a new signature meal, automating something, learning a skill.

Something that when done once will compound and make my life better overall.

💼 Business

Figure out what my next thing is. I have had some opportunities pop up over the last month that I'm considering options for. More on this soon 🙂

❤️ Relationships

Date nights & family days
Having a toddler definitely takes it's toll on a relationship. Would like to prioritize more quality time with my partner and also plan two fun family days per month where we do something fun and get out of our normal routine.

Set up standing get togethers with friends.
I realize the act of making plans is sometimes a lot when everyone is really busy (especially with kids). So we're going to do something like "every 1st Saturday let's meet here" with friend groups. Or a monthly dinner.

Standing calls with my favorite people.
My bestie Frank and I have been doing a weekly call since 2014, 85% attendance for 10 years! It's pretty impressive that by just having a set time to talk we can maintain our friendship despite never living in the same city.

I want to do this with more people — except monthly.


Run 30-day experiments — 6X

100 days is too long, 30 days is a good amount of time to try something new. I'll likely do some sort of group accountability for that. If you're interested in joining me make sure you're on the newsletter:

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