Annual Review

Jan 19

2024 goals

How to achieve your 2024 goals through effective habit tracking. I've been using this strategy to break down ambitious goals for years.
3 min read
Jan 05

2023 Review

It's that time of the year again where we watch our own game tape. I've been
13 min read
Mar 16

2022 Review

Reflecting on 2022: a year where I embraced the challenges and rewards of being a new parent and celebrated the successful sale of my business. Gain insights into my journey and the lessons learned.
10 min read
Jan 14

2021 Review

Dive into an inspiring 2021 reflection that covers marriage, pregnancy, and business achievements. Discover insights and personal stories of growth and success.
13 min read
Jan 14

2020 Review

Gain insights from a transformative year. See how 2020's challenges led to unexpected personal development and reshaped future goals at
19 min read
Jan 20

2018 Review

Reflect with me on five years of life's adventures, learning, and goal-setting. See how I’ve grown and what I'm aiming for next in my personal and professional life.
6 min read
Jan 28

2017 Review

2017: A year of transformative experiences. Read about my personal struggles, entrepreneurial achievements, and the big lessons I learned.
12 min read
Jan 17

2016 Review

Reflecting on a transformative year: celebrating key achievements, facing challenges, and planning ahead. Read my 3rd annual review for motivation and tips.
9 min read
Jan 02

2015 Review

Discover key insights from my 2015 achievements and learn about my ambitious goals for 2016, including personal growth and business success strategies.
6 min read
Jan 09

2014 Review

Explore a year of achievements in both personal life and business ventures in 2014, and discover the strategies planned for success in 2015.
7 min read