Feb 05

Elizabeth's Story: A Full-time Working Mom to over $104,000 on Kickstarter, to appearing on Shark Tank!

Elizabeth's entrepreneurial story showcases her transition from an idea to a successful physical product business. Discover her path, strategies, and Shark Tank success!
8 min read
May 20

The Ultimate Guide to a Great Crowdfunding Project Page

Discover key strategies for designing a successful crowdfunding page, with tips on visuals, messaging, and layout to captivate backers effectively.
4 min read
May 09

7 Lessons from 3 Successful Kickstarter campaigns

Learn from my Kickstarter experiences with these key takeaways. Essential tips for anyone looking to navigate the world of crowdfunding successfully.
6 min read
May 04

Here's 7 Reasons Why You Should Crowdfund Your Idea

Explore the advantages of pre-selling and crowdfunding to launch your product. Learn how these strategies can validate and fund your business ideas.
4 min read
Feb 03

Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Dive into the secrets of a successful Kickstarter campaign. This detailed guide covers the launch and funding of the SELF Journal.
18 min read
Dec 13

Quitting Amazon FBA; The Power of Singular Focus

Learn from our experience transitioning from Amazon FBA to a passion project, highlighting the importance of purpose in business success.
5 min read
Dec 10

Kickstarter Lessons Learned and How I Raised over $50K On My Second Try

Explore how a creative entrepreneur harnessed Kickstarter to fund two projects successfully, raising more than $50,000. Learn from this journey of crowdfunding mastery.
8 min read
Jul 15

Funded in 12 hours - How I raised $25,161 on Kickstarter in 30 Days

Discover the secrets to raising over $25,000 on Kickstarter. This detailed guide offers practical steps for creative entrepreneurs to achieve crowdfunding success.
9 min read