Mar 29

My maternity crypto portfolio — Low risk, minimal fees & passive yield

Discover my low-risk and low-complexity crypto maternity portfolio, designed for expecting mothers. Minimize risk and maximize returns with Little Might.
7 min read
Feb 11

Slippage explained: DeFi's Hidden Tax (Can cost you $$$)

Understanding and avoiding slippage is crucial in DeFi. Join me as I explain how to protect your cryptocurrency investments effectively
1 min read
Dec 22

My 6 rules for staying profitable in DeFi

Step into the world of profitable DeFi investing with my expert guide. These 6 rules are the key to success in the thrilling realm of cryptocurrency.
1 min read
Oct 07

My Favorite DeFi Tools to DYOR & Find Trends

Discover the top DeFi tools to research projects, chains, trends, and revenue. Uncover hidden gems in the world of decentralized finance.
1 min read
Aug 26

How NFTs Can Change Ticket Purchasing | Defi & Crypto

Discover how NFTs are revolutionizing ticket purchasing in the world of DeFi and crypto. Explore the power of Non-Fungible Tokens and their impact on the blockchain community.
1 min read
Aug 19

Self Paying Loans?! The Power of | Defi & Crypto

Discover the potential of self-paying loans with, a groundbreaking DeFi platform. Explore the power of decentralized finance in this eye-opening video.
1 min read
Aug 12

Crypto Wallets | Everything you need to know

Learn everything you need to know about crypto wallets in this comprehensive video guide. Discover how these tools enable seamless interaction with blockchain technology.
1 min read
Jul 29

Beginners Guide To Decentralized Finance (DeFi) | Crypto Currency

Embark on a journey into Decentralized Finance. Watch my video for a personal introduction to the exciting realm of DeFi and crypto.
1 min read
Jul 01

Stop Using Venmo With Friends... | Transactional Friendships

Learn from my experience: why I chose to stop using Venmo with friends and how it can subtly impact social dynamics.
1 min read
Jun 24

How to Design Your Environment for Productivity

Explore the critical role your environment plays in shaping habits and achieving goals. Find out how to intentionally design your space for success.
1 min read
Jun 17

How To Avoid "Decision Fatigue" | Productivity Hack

Avoid decision fatigue and boost productivity with this helpful hack. Learn how to make better decisions and avoid the negative effects of decision fatigue.
1 min read
May 27

Never Procrastinate Again | My 20 Minute Rule

Struggling with time management? Learn about the 20-Minute Rule and how it can help you stop procrastinating and maximize your day."
1 min read