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6 small things I did to change my life

Explore how I turned a modest beginning with $783 into a thriving $40M venture in NYC. My decade-long journey of learning, growth, and success.
6 small things I did to change my life
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2012: I moved to NYC from Ireland with only $783 to my name to start my 30k-per-year architecture job. I knew less than people in a city of 8 million.

2022: I’ve done over 40M in sales in my businesses & am living my dreams.

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Created a daily ritual starting with a morning routine

I used to feel so scattered in the morning like I was constantly behind on everything. Until I read the book, Miracle Morning.

Beginning my day with intention was the first domino to a different life.

Invest in relationships

When you look around, are you spending time with people that you:

  • respect?
  • are doing interesting things?
  • want to learn from?

If not, make a change! Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Think outside the box

Our phones and screens are where deep thoughts go to die. It’s important to step away and think outside the “box”.

Great ideas come from letting your mind wander. It’s why we get ideas in the shower.

Force it if you have to:

Take 100% Responsibility

Things can happen beyond our control, but when we take responsibility, we can learn from it so it doesn’t happen again.

Much more empowering than being stuck in a victim mindset.

I did this when I shared about embezzlement:

Approach everything curiosity

March 2020, business was tough — between embezzlement, toxic business partnership, and the pandemic I was in.

Rather than going into panic mode, I got curious.

I remember thinking “Wow, my first pandemic — I wonder what this will be like?” 

A by-product of approaching with curiosity is that you will be more confident at the moment because you’re not attached to outcomes.

When you’re curious, you’re thinking, “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’ll handle it”.

This opens you up to opportunities & learning.

Never Stop Learning

The most successful people I know *love* to learn. They’re always tinkering around to figure stuff out.

It’s like a cheat code for life. All you need to do is convert time into a skill and you can completely upgrade your life.

One of my rules is that I don’t think twice about buying a book/course. If I can learn 1 thing from it it’s worth it to me.

Since moving to the US I’ve spent 100k+ on personal development & education

Despite not doing it for $$, it’s been an incredible ROI

One of the biggest professional developments and investments I’ve made in the past two years is going deep into DeFi and crypto. 

I can credit the values of “approach with curiosity” and “never stop learning” for this success.

Going all in this year & super excited.

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