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May 19

First 100 Days: Lessons from Buying My Business back from Private Equity

Learn how I revived BestSelf after buying it back from private equity. Discover the lessons from my first 100 days, fixing mistakes, and rebuilding for success.
9 min read
Apr 20

How to Turn ChatGPT into Your 24/7 Personal Intern

Learn how to effectively delegate low-leverage tasks to ChatGPT, freeing up your time and mental energy for high-impact work. Includes real-world examples and detailed prompts.
9 min read
Apr 18

How to Create SOPs 100x Faster with ChatGPT & Loom

Master the art of creating comprehensive, easy-to-follow SOPs using AI tools like ChatGPT and Claude. This guide will give you the how-to guide and the exact AI prompt for an effective SOP
4 min read
Apr 03

Inexperience Debt: The Hidden Cost of Entrepreneurial Growth

The hidden benefits of selling your company to private equity, and why I'm glad I did it. Including streamlining processes and confronting my inexperience debt.
3 min read
Feb 08

I Sold My Company, Then Bought It Back

Join me as I share my surprising story of selling my company BestSelf, only to buy it back under unique circumstances. I reveal valuable lessons I learned on business, negotiation, and personal growth.
4 min read
Jan 19

2024 goals

How to achieve your 2024 goals through effective habit tracking. I've been using this strategy to break down ambitious goals for years.
3 min read
Jan 05

Our 'Rich Life' Vacation Experiment

This summer I got to experience a little of my “rich life”. A vacation experiment of sorts that included my
2 min read
Jan 05

2023 Review

It's that time of the year again where we watch our own game tape. I've been
13 min read
Apr 18

42% closer to your dreams: The small habit that’ll change your life

Discover the transformative power of goal-setting, habits, and benchmarking with insights from an architect-turned-entrepreneur. Achieve your dreams with this small habit that will change your life.
5 min read
Apr 11

5 simple steps (and a cheat code) to make your next week insanely productive

Discover 5 simple steps and a cheat code to skyrocket your productivity in the next week. Learn from the founder of a goal-setting and planning company.
4 min read
Apr 04

True crime was destroying my family: Why I pressed pause

Discover the impact of true crime on my family and how I decided to take a pause. Follow my journey as I prioritize my daughter's well-being and find a healthier balance.
3 min read
Mar 28

Free stuff! How to leverage your credit cards for maximum rewards

One of the biggest life hacks out there for business owners? Credit card points. Smart entrepreneurs divert funds they’re
6 min read